Baumgardner – Concerto for Bass Clarinet

This fall I will be giving the Florida/South East premiere of Brad Baumgardner’s Concerto for Bass Clarinet.  The performance will be on NIvember 14, 2017 with the University of South Florida Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. John Carmichael.

Here is some info about the piece.

The piece was was commissioned by:

Dr. Gordon R. Brock, University of North Florida Flagship Music Program
Dr. John C. Carmichael, University of South Florida
Dr. Patrick K. Carney, Limestone College
Andrew Grenci, Bass Clarinetist
Alan Mitchell, Andrews University
Nicholas Morrison, Utah State University
Dr. Danh T. Pham, Washington State University
Dr. Frederick Speck, University of Louisville
Dr. Reed Thomas, Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. David Vickerman, The College of New Jersey
Chris David Westover, Bethel College
Dr. Norman Wika, Northeastern State University

The material is presented in three movements, and in each instance the bass clarinet soloist manages to “corrupt” the other players by influencing the musical material and goading the wind ensemble into a reaction. The overall formal structure supports this approach by featuring the first movement as a kind of prelude (or dare) that is eventually accepted and addressed in the third movement. This is referenced in the subtitle for the third movement by a phrase often used by my brother when issuing a personal challenge – “I hope you brought your woodscrews . . .”

I.  Fingers Crossed (Prelude and Double Dare)

II.  Little White Lies (what we don’t know can’t hurt us . . .)

III.  The Devil’s in the Details (I hope you brought your woodscrews)